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Peggy Antonakou

Peggy Antonakou

Peggy Antonakou

Head for South Eastern Europe

As the Head of Google for South Eastern Europe, I’m passionate about new ideas and bold visions. In our business, we don’t just dream it, we make the future happen!

Because the future and technology have always been synonyms of progress. My goal is to support business transformation and technology enablement in the ecosystem, to support the next wave of digital frontrunners, to help people thrive in an ever expanding global setting. Because it’s with the help of technology that people perform small miracles. And people make the difference. In companies, in economies, in societies.

My passion is tomorrow’s technology today.

My commitment is inclusive sustainable growth for everyone.

What innovations/achievements did you work on and what did you create/achieve? Leading the Google Business for Southern Europe & achieving to launch the first Google cloud region in Greece, along with strategic initiatives to accelerate the digital transformation and sustainable growth of the country.