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Olga Stavropoulou

Olga Stavropoulou

Olga Stavropoulou

General Manager

The Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (HELMEPA) is a non-governmental, non-profit-making organization founded in 1982 by Greek seafarers and shipowners.

Today, HELMEPA consists of 281 shipping companies and organisations, 2065 vessels of all types and more than 14,000 seafarers. Over 250.000 volunteers, half of them are school children. We work with all our members and wider industry network to promote the importance of the sustainability agenda and the key part that leadership plays in delivering that.

We know that those companies and organisations that embed a mindset focused on sustainable development will end up being the industry leaders. as stakeholders across the spectrum are drawn towards them and seek to engage with those perceived as future-focused and forward-thinking.

Our scientific staff designs programs that cultivate environmental awareness, starting from childhood (5 years and over) as well as environmental exhibitions, and numerous coastal and underwater clean ups – collecting 200,000 4 of 5 litter items annually-. So far, HELMEPA has coordinated 4,000+ coastal and underwater clean ups with the “support of its emblematic Seagullâ€. All members share a sense of pride for being part of HELMEPA. We are a strong community.

HELMEPA was born to be a game changer.