Meet the Award Presenters

Elisabeth Calbari

Elisabeth Calbari

Neuropsychologist, Executive Consultant,
Founder, Self Balance

Elisabeth Calbari (MISCP) is a neuropsychologist, executive leadership consultant, science blogger and journalist reporting on the brain, psychology and behavioural sciences.

She is a neuroleadership consultant on self-improvement and wellness programs that lead to better performance, focus, resilience and emotional control. An award-winner program designer where her expertise is a combination of neurosciences, psychology and leadership.

Over the past 23 years, her clientele is primarily multinational corporations, bank and shipping companies as well as healthcare and pharmaceutical companies in Greece and Europe where leaders and executives learn how to optimise motivation, concentration, stability under pressure and emotions during key moments and peak stress.

She is the founder of Self Balance in Greece, a Brain-based learning and development solutions company using evidence-based tools that show performance results and improvement in real time! | email: [email protected]