Meet the Award Presenters

Elena Mathiou-Rose

Elena Mathiou-Rose

Partner at Guruservices.Biz
Commercial Director Eastern Europe
at Push Group

A seasoned and very experienced Marketing / Digital Marketing, Branding, Customer Experience and Communications Professional, with added prior own business experience. 

A seasoned and very experienced Marketing / Digital Marketing, Branding, Customer Experience and Communications Professional, with added prior own business experience. Specialized in Strategic Marketing, Branding, Customer Journey / Management, Design Thinking, Brands and Products Portfolio Manager, Εxpert in conceiving and leading the implementation of holistic omni-channel Marketing, Communications, Brand building, Business Building and Customer Experience enhancing strategies, plans, and activations, with special emphasis on pioneering in-market tools and activations (2001 to date) in the field of Digital Marketing, Websites / e-shops Management and Social Media platforms’ development, curation, performance management and monetization.

A multi-industry, multi-channel, multi-country and multi-discipline expert with track record in delivering sterling business results (top and bottom-line growth), as well as market share growth in a number of roles in blue chip companies, such as: Procter & Gamble, the Pentland Group / Ellesse, Johnson & Johnson, Heineken, Pizza Hut / KFC, the Folli Follie Group, Pyramis Metallurgy Group, NN (Nationale Nederlanden) Group, OPEN TV, Generation-Y international e-business hub, PGM trade among others, in C-suite roles (Marketing, Branding, Customer Management, Strategy Growth, NBD & Commercial Management).

In 2011 co-founded and run as Partner and Managing Director, ‘Wizzard -from Wisdom to Magic’, a Strategic Branding and Marketing Consultancy firm with a very wide array of customers in a variety of industries / sectors. In 2019, co-founded Guruservices.Biz, a Strategic Branding, Marketing / Digital Marketing, Customer / Commercial Management, Revenue Growth and Talent Acquisition and Development consultancy, of which she is Partner and Managing Director to-date. In addition, Partner in Hellenic TV – Loving Social Media (London / UK), as well as Growth, Marketing and Communications Growth Marketing & Communications Director at PGM Trade, and Associate Partner CX Strategy, Transformation & Planning της SecretKey: Sales & Service Experts. Member of the Steering Committee, as well as of the Organizing Committee of the Greek Manager of the Year Award 2022 and 2023.

Certified in Design Thinking and Customer Journey Mapping fundamentals and facilitation, as well as Agile Management. Trained facilitator and moderator.
Writer of Programs (End-to-End) on Digital Sales Agents & Digital Sales Agents, and Certified Trainer of the Training and Lifelong Learning Center of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (ΕΚΠΑ) in the fields of Economy/Finance/Accounting, Organization and Management, Organizations, Marketing, Sociology & Political science. EU Capacity Building Expert and Trainer (Erasmus+ Programs)

Team builder, motivator and unifier, with proven track record of achieving or exceedingly very demanding operational targets.

With extensive multilingual ability (Greek, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian) and studies in Greece (Law School of Athens / magnum con Lauda), in the UK (Master of Science in European Economics and Politics at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology – U.M.I.S.T., and holder of an MBA degree from the Manchester Business School in co-operation with HEC / ISA in Paris (Jouy en Josas). In addition, Degree in Digital Marketing, Customer Engagement, Social Μedia, Planning & Analytics from the Columbia Business School / Emeritus (New York / USA).