Meet the Judges

Dimitris Vagias

Dimitris Vagias

Chief Commercial Officer

A C-Level Executive with more than 24 years of experience in creating successful commercial strategies & managing sales channels effectively.

Deep knowledge of the Greek Media market through experience as the Commercial Director for Nova Advertising services and Media Buying Director, creating close relations with key stakeholders.

Digitally oriented, strives to inspire teams & the organization to evolve through digital transformation.

Hard working and self motivated, gives emphasis to operations, constantly trying to apply Company strategy in practice.

Results oriented, strong supporter of team work and believer of helping people evolve through coaching.

Some of his key achievements :

Advertising & Media Market

Built from the ground up Nova’s Advertising commercial department, which in turn almost tripled the advertising revenue and increased company’s share in the Greek media market by 85% (2011 to 2020).

Corporate Telco Market

Led the SYZEFXIS II team throughout the preparation & bidding process, which resulted in Forthnet becoming one of the Contractors of the biggest public project in Greece and therefore signing a 42 millions contract.

Succeeded a great performance and market share in Corporate Telco market for Forthnet, despite the fierce competition and the relentless shortage of corporate customers’ resources especially from 2015 to 2021.

Retail Sales channels management

Successfully managed operations of Forthnet’s Retail sales channels throughout the outburst of Covid19 pandemic and implemented special commercial & commissioning policies which resulted in achieving optimum results while at the same time helping the channels to remain viable.

During this challenging period managed to design a new Sales distribution strategy, in order to remodel the Retail sales channels operation.

Digital Media & Technology

Led Forthnet’s e-Business Unit for over a decade, managed to acquire a substantial number of new large customers and design some of the biggest digital projects, winning dozens of Ermis Awards. Projects worth mentioning :

  1. The first ticketing system for Aegean Airlines
  2. Carrefour’s e-commerce site
  3. Multirama’s e-commerce site
  4. The ticketing systems for large shipping companies such as Minoan Lines & Hellenic Seaways
  5. Online marketing campaigns for KLM, Anytime, Beiersdorf, Heineken etc.

Theaters Advertising & Sponsorships Market

Designed the new Athens Theaters Commercial Function in terms of Advertising & Sponsorship, creating a new revenue stream for the company and initiating partnerships with advertisers such us Volton, Sarantis, Septona, Kotsovolos, Jeep Velmar, Paul Mitchell, Schweppes, Paliria, Kyknos, Dodoni, Tsipouro Apostolakis, Rolco