Meet the Person

Dimitra Katsafadou

Dimitra Katsafadou

Founder / Owner / Director La Vie en Rose Cosmetics SA

I am inspired both by the magic of every human being and that of nature. I often act like an artist, that is to say I use something seemingly insignificant as a stimulus in order to create a new product.

The most recent example is that of the Gold Kombucha cream that has been patented. The main ingredient of this cream is Kombucha Fungus (Kokha – Fruit) something that I conceived watching a limpet, while I was on vacation and in a kind of depression. My products are like family to me. When I create them I put all my love and psyche and this is something people receive and understand.

I strive to use and combine the most expensive raw materials, such as diamond, platinum, golden leaves 24 carats, hyaluronic acid with the treasures of our fertile Greek earth, such as extra virgin olive oil, real royal jelly, without considering their cost.

I hope I will always have the love and support of people because this is my power. Only with this love I will also be able to continue my charity work.

And this is magic as well; being able to help other people