Meet the Person

Anna Kamaridi

Anna Kamaridi

Vice President of the Board, Kamaridis GlobalWire Group, President ICC Women Hellas

Anna V. Kamaridis is a highly accomplished professional with a strong academic background in public administration and international business. Anna is a visionary leader, known for her dedication to excellence, principles, and innovation.

Fluent in three languages, she possesses a unique blend of talents that make her an invaluable asset in the global business landscape. Born into a family with a rich tradition in the steel industry, Anna combines her inherited knowledge and passion for steel with her academic expertise, leading her to excel in her career.

Anna V. Kamaridis’ exceptional achievements and accolades highlight her dedication to advancing women’s leadership in the business world. Her continuous involvement in prominent international organizations demonstrates her commitment to promoting global trade, investment, and customs facilitation. Through her mentorship role at Westminster University, Anna actively contributes to nurturing the next generation of business leaders. As a result of her visionary leadership and profound impact on the business community, Anna’s legacy continues to inspire and influence women entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide. Her remarkable journey and commitment to excellence make her a standout leader, driving positive change in the steel industry and beyond.


  • Bachelor of Public Administration, Panteion University, Athens (1998)
  • Postgraduate Studies in International Business and Management, Westminster Business School, London (2002)

Distinctions and Participatory Action:

  1. Member of the Board of SVAP (Association of Industries of Attica and Piraeus), Export Sector (2016) – Contributed to shaping policies and strategies for the export sector, fostering economic growth and international trade.
  2. Honorary Distinction of Successful Business Action – Athens Businesswomen Forum (2017) – Recognized for exceptional business acumen and exemplary contributions to the industry.
  3. Women of Influence (2018) – Acknowledged for her leadership and significant impact on empowering women in business and society.
  4. Who’s Who Women Leaders (2018) – Listed among prominent female leaders who have made outstanding contributions to various fields.
  5. Who’s Who Women Leaders (2019) – Continued recognition for her continuous dedication to leadership and innovation.
  6. Founding Member of ICC Women Hellas Initiative (2019) – Played a pivotal role in establishing a platform to support women’s professional development and empowerment in the business community.
  7. Permanent Representative of ICC Greece to the Committee on International Trade and Investment-Geneva (ICC Commission on Trade and Investment-Geneva) (2020) – Represented Greece at an international level, advocating for fair trade practices and investment opportunities.
  8. Exclusive Representative of ICC Greece of the International Commission of Customs and Trade Facilitation-Geneva (ICC Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation -Geneva) (2020) – Led efforts to streamline customs and trade facilitation processes to enhance international business interactions.
  9. Mentor at Westminster University (2020) – Shared her expertise and experiences with students, guiding and inspiring the next generation of business leaders.
  10. President ICC Women Hellas (2021) – Elected to lead the ICC Women Hellas, fostering collaboration, and promoting the advancement of women in business.
  11. Member of the Board of ICC Hellas (International Chamber of Commerce) (2021) – Contributed to shaping policies and initiatives to promote international trade and economic development.
  12. Women of Influence (2022) – Recognized for her continuous commitment to driving positive change in the business world.