The Manager of the Year 2022

Panagiotis Tsinavos

President and Managing Director,
Kri Kri SA

The success of Panagiotis Tsinavos and Kri Kri is a clear example of what can be achieved with the right combination of vision, hard work and respect for the environment.

Panagiotis Tsinavos has successfully transformed a small family business in Serres into a modern and rapidly growing dairy industry. Today, Kri Kri’s sales are 50% international, and the company has doubled its turnover and profitability almost every five years.

Panagiotis Tsinavos’ success is due to his ability to identify and take advantage of business opportunities, even in times of crisis. He developed innovative family yogurt packages, which now make up 50% of the market, pioneered the private label market in Greece (now accounting for 20% of the market), promoted yogurts made from 100% Greek milk in response to the trend towards locally-sourced, high-quality products, developed functional yogurts under the Super Spoon brand to meet modern nutritional needs, and introduced a new category of ice cream called Greek Frozen Yogurt.

Panagiotis Tsinavos has also been able to effectively capitalize on these opportunities, resulting in significant growth in yogurt exports and making Kri Kri the largest yogurt producer in Greece. He has also maintained high levels of profitability.

In addition to his business acumen, Panagiotis Tsinavos places a strong emphasis on ethical practices, ensuring that all stakeholders in the business are satisfied. He believes that Kri Kri’s people are its most important asset and works to make them feel proud of their contribution to the company.

Mr Tsinavos’ vision is to promote Greek nutrition globally, while also ensuring the profitable development of the company in a way that respects consumers, society, and the environment. Kri Kri’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through the recent implementation of a biogas unit and photovoltaic park, which generate 25% of the company’s energy needs using renewable sources.