Petros Dalmaras

Petros Dalmaras

Customer Service Manager
Athenian Brewery

Since the last 2 years, Covid 19, war, fuel cost, raw materials availability and prices make Business Continuity vulnerable in every industry.

In 2022 (the first fully operating year of the market) Athenian Brewery has volume and revenue growth. Customer Service Team through the way of working and Customer’s Management contributed significantly in these good results by providing positive experiences in most of the 200.000 cases.

Pain points analysis per Customer gave a clear picture for the initiatives that are required including measuring of success, owners and timelines. Digital and technology adjustments and applications, change management, people’s training and open dialogues took place methodically based on strict principles and priorities.

The plan was designed in 2020 for short, middle and long term implementation.

2022 is a year of Succes and a big step and confirmation that the plan works.

A lot of changes and upgrades will follow based on what the Customer needs, by using Customer Service people essential skills and competencies.