Maria Fatzikmanoli

Maria Fatzikmanoli

Assistant General Manager | HR Director Strategic Market Greece, Global Human Resources

Maria is member of Intrum Global HR, assigned with the role of HR Director Greece (1400 employees). Her key mandate has been to transform quickly the local HR Division into a strategic business partner that meets the high quality standards of Intrum as a European Credit Management Leader with >10000 employees.

At the same time, Maria as the Intrum Transformation Change Lead for Greece has led engagement and change management of Intrum transformation to “One Intrum”.

A reliable, innovative executive with excellent leadership skills, thus generating an ongoing positive momentum within teams and people, bringing them to their best professional self.

Despite the newly established environment of Intrum Greece and the challenging macroeconomic conditions, Maria has managed to transform rapidly the HR Division to one of the most strategic, value adding and efficient business partners within Intrum Greece.

She also deployed a holistic People Agenda for all employees, with equal focus on all areas (worklife efficiency, people development, wellbeing and employer branding) and thus maintaining people engagement at exceptionally high levels with employee attrition at very low levels. Maria’s transformation achievements in such short time and the fact that she bridges business with HR so effectively highlight her value added.