Elena Mitsibona


Managing Director Secret Key,
Holistic Life Executive Coach, Business Trainer, Cx Designer

Elena has wide experience of helping private & public sector organizations improve their customer experience, sales productivity and leadership capabilities. For more than 22 years she has reached more than 16K people through various development interventions.

Her intention is to provide client organisations with practical advice, tools, techniques and ideas about how to effectively lead and motivate their teams to thrive in customer experience and create an organizational culture of high quality sales results and high employee engagement.
Elena helps executives become their best self & constantly improve on their path to mastery, enjoy their life more , contribute and achieve greatness in the way they visualize it. In addition to providing training & coaching , Elena design Sales & Service Academies on a corporate level, develops sales and service competency frameworks as well as supportive manuals with behavioral KPIs and delivers custom-designed Sales and Service Workshops .
Elena helps organizations build a strong Customer focused culture . As a Certified Service Design Thinking Facilitator by DT Academy she helps her clients map & visualize the Customer Journey in all the touchpoints and she helps them systematically research & ideate in order to find innovative ways to deliver their brand promise . Elena is the initiator & organizer of the Athens Customer Experience Festival in Greece as well as the founder of the Athens Customer Experience Academy . She represents in Greece , Balkan areas and Turkey the multi-awarded training material of Porter Henry & Co (USA).
Elena hold a Masters degree in International Human Resources Management from Cranfield University , a Masters degree in Business Administration from University of Wales with a specialization in Marketing and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology & Philosophy from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens . She is a Certified Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach™ by Goal Imagery Institute ( New York, USA) & a Positive Psychology Practitioner (Bristol, UK) . Elena is also certified as an Emotional Conversation Analyst , holding the 3 levels of Certification in Customer Emotions Measurement & Management by CXFO.org ( Quality Assurance for Contact Centers, Retail & Omnichannel) . Her clients span major industries such as automotive, retail, FMCG, B2B services, shipping, telecommunication, industrial , banking, hospitality & fashion.