Dimitrios Kontinos

Dimitrios Kontinos

CEO at CloudFin

Dimitris Kontinos, is a technology entrepreneur and executive director, with 20 years of experience in building and managing technology projects and companies. Currently, Dimitris serves as both the INFORM's Group Chief Technology Officer and the Managing Director of “CloudFin”, a company set to solve a major, both business and human problem, document data entry

He has envisioned and actually drove digital transformation, and creating technology solutions and companies for the last 20+ years, in which period he scaled up every endeavor, achieving the maximum possible impact regarding both the market and the social aspect.

Dimitris has designed and developed a cloud platform with the ability to generate solutions by people with business know-how without the need of programming skills, revolutionizing the industry.

His most recent achievement is an engine which facilitates all digital onboarding operations by expanding into authenticity checks, biometrics, and liveness detection and currently is considered one of the most popular solutions in south-eastern Europe regarding Digital Onboarding Engines – whilst integrating a whole set of cutting edge technology solutions to an existing heavy duty portfolio, as the one INFORM provides throughout the globe