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Innovation Group

Innovation Group

Ιnnovation Group Creative Agency delivers a wide range of complete solutions including Advertising, Digital marketing and Web 3.0 – Metaverse Services.

We offer B2B Services, Google Ads, S.E.M., S.E.O., Digital – Social Media Strategy and very extensive monitoring along with a very rigorous and detailed reporting to our customers worldwide, using cutting edge technology tools.

In 2017, we were chosen by Google in order to participate in an accelerator program called Elevator. Elevator was a 6-month-long program of the Google Partners Academy, which was designed to help companies that have the Google Brand Partners to quickly develop their business activities.

After the successful completion of the program we developed a Google Partners Accelerate Program that we offer to other Digital Agencies. As of now we have helped seven agencies to become Google Partners and two of them were promoted to Premier Google Partners.

In 2020, we created the project e-expo, the first 3D platform organizing and supervising online exhibitions, events and conferences.

The project e-expo has a core of a combination of technological innovations: Augmented & Virtual Reality, Unreal Engine 5, Unity, Oculus oriented design, Virtual Tours Software (photorealistic technology), 360º panoramic photos and videos, Artificial Intelligence for the business networking.

This project is carving the road for the future: Metaverse.

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