Self Balance

Self Balance

14 Papadiamantopoulou,
115 28, Athens, Greece

We are a cutting-edge brain performance Learning & Development (L&D) & Wellness partner, engineering corporate growth on the basis of tailor made neuroscience-based programmes which, we design, develop & deliver for our corporate clients across several industry verticals including Healthcare, Shipping, IT, Energy, etc.

Our key programmes include:

đźš©Neuroscience for business: Engineering corporate growth on the basis of neuroscience breakthroughs

đźš©Biology of Leadership: Investing in exercising your brain to learn how certain things leaders do, literally affect their own brain chemistry & that of their teams

đźš©Flexing your “emotional muscle”: Soft skills  and Empathy in Business and in the Healthcare.  Learning how to activate your empathy & other cognitive skills to become more effective & efficient at work with your team, colleagues, clients and patients.

We are a premier Wellness partner, offering a range of our own unique on-site & web-based solutions, event summits & services, also employing Mindful You!®, Brain Fitness Today®, Stress Profile®, NeuroSelling, Neuroleadership Coaching.

Our L&D Neuroleadership Programmes also offer brain training & practical cognitive enhancement exercises, including focus, performance & productivity, leadership skills, resilience, coping mechanisms for workplace stress, burnout & dysfunctional behavioural patterns as well good presentation skill practices and neuro-marketing and neuro-selling techniques.

Our Neurosciences based L&D solutions have so far included:

đź“ŚClassroom modules

đź“ŚDigital Learning modules

đź“ŚVirtual Reality (VR) modules

đź“ŚInfographics modules

Most of our L&D programmes are designed, developed & delivered by licensed Occupational & Neuropsychologists and Health Psychologists.

Our programmes are accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation).

Let’s together design, develop & deliver your tailor made L&D solution, perfectly fit to your organisation & audience needs & growth objectives.

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