Meet the Person

Tatiana Dikastopoulou

Tatiana Dikastopoulou

Chief Marketing & Insurance Operations Officer at Wallbid

Tatiana Dikastopoulou is an accomplished Marketing expert with an unwavering commitment to bringing into Businesses Marketing practices that inspire. 

With profound experience in the Advertising and Financial industries she currently holds the Marketing & Insurance Operations Officer position and is a member of the BoD at Wallbid, focusing on supporting the company’s strategic growth.

In the past, she has worked for large multinational Advertising Agencies, Eurobank Group of Companies, and for the past 13 years held the Deputy General Marketing & Business Development position in Eurolife FFH and was a member of the Executive Committee.

She is an enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, and hard-working person who appreciates a positive attitude and teamwork. With a creative mindset and always up for new challenges she never stands still.

Her personal motto is: “What really matters for success is character, happiness, and lifelong achievements!”

Tatiana Dikastopoulou holds a BA degree in Marketing Management from the American College of Greece, Deree.