Meet the Person

Dr Ing. Konstantinos Karachalios

Dr Ing. Konstantinos Karachalios

Managing Director
  IEEE Standards Association

I believe that my efforts and achievements in the intersection of geopolitics, techno-science, and philosophical imagination offer practical and relevant responses to the question of the pertinence of the “Greek spirit” in the contemporary world.

As the leader of an organization that impacts the lives and imaginations of almost every person on earth, I am constantly pushing the global techno-scientific community to accept their share of responsibility for the outcomes of the socio-technical systems we create. This involves challenging and reframing the commonly-held belief that science and technology are neutral, and instead adopting a paradigm of enhanced awareness and holistic responsibility.

To this end, I work to create appropriate methods and tools to move from principles and good intentions to practically implemented frameworks and solutions. For example, my efforts have contributed to the proliferation of “AI Ethics” and technology ethics more generally, as well as the passage of legislation around Age-Appropriate Design Codes in the UK and California. These codes seek to protect children’s online data and pave the way for global governance systems for ICT platforms and the internet as a whole, moving beyond its “wild west” era.

I have also successfully convinced the Indonesian government, currently presiding over the G20, to adopt a similar legal-regulatory framework for Indonesia. Indonesia intends not only to adopt this framework but also to advocate for it within ASEAN (where Indonesia is the most powerful and influential state).

Another notable achievement is the milestone of establishing better governance at the interface of standardization and IP law, the two pillars of global markets and trade. IEEE SA, through a consensus-based process and over a decade of effort, validated a patent policy offering more clarity, a feat that no other major standards development organization has achieved to date. This is a unique example of courageous and ultimately successful leadership against some of the most powerful contemporary lobbies.