Meet the Person

Dr Alex Papalexopoulos

Dr Alex Papalexopoulos

President & CEO ECCO International, Inc.
CEO and Chairman of the Board ZOME Energy Networks, Inc.

Dr Alex Papalexopoulos, a renowned energy expert, is an authority in energy market design and implementation, transmission grid operations and planning.

He is the CEO & Founder of ECCO International, based in San Francisco, California, a specialized Energy Consulting Company, which provides consulting and software services worldwide to a wide range of clients such as Governments, Energy Regulators, Utilities, Independent System Operators, Generators, Marketers, Traders and Software vendors.

Over the last 25 years Dr Alex Papalexopoulos has designed some of the most complex energy markets in the world in about 15 countries in North, Central and South America, Western and Eastern Europe and Asia. He has provided extensive consulting services to more than 50 large energy companies in three continents.

He has published hundreds of scientific papers, is a Fellow of IEEE and in 2016 he was bestowed the award of the honorary Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Patras, Greece.

The goal and vision of Dr Alex Papalexopoulos, as it is evident from his extensive and long career in the energy sector is (and continuous to be) the transition of the current global energy system to a decarbonized and sustainable system by implementing the energy transition in a responsible, affordable and reliable manner. The launching of ZOME in the US in 2012 and WEC in the EU in 2018 is a testament to its vision to contribute to our global efforts for transitioning our economy to a sustainable future for the benefits of the entire humanity. This includes specific plans to install the ZOME technologies to benefit regions with low-income tenants in parts of the US to reduce their energy costs and generate revenue for these customers. ZOME technologies have already been installed in low-income regions in Portland and Austin in the US.

It is a stated goal of ZOME to address the energy poverty that is currently in the rise resulting from the specific energy transition projects in various parts of the world. ZOME’s network design has won six industry awards since 2018 and the CES Award in 2019 for outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products in the smart city category. ZOME is the author-owner of 12 patents and has currently filed an application for an additional 11 patents. 

These actions over the last 10 years have already shown positive results and their impact will continue to grow as the aggregated demand capacity and the penetration of ZOME/WEC technologies in the residential and commercial energy sector accelerates.