Meet the Person

Christos Vidakis

Christos Vidakis

Cyber Risk Leader, Partner Deloitte

Christos is Partner in Deloitte’s Risk Advisory Department in Greece, and he is leading the Cyber Risk Services for Deloitte in Greece.

He has more than eighteen years of cyber security and technology experience, with special emphasis on Cyber Security Projects. Christos has led several initiatives to include cyber in the organization’s top management agenda, delivered numerous sessions to board of directors committees to increase their cyber awareness, to take a more proactive role to ensure that management has the appropriate skills, resources and cyber program in order to evolve the organization’s cybersecurity division role and capabilities.

Christos has delivered a range of cyber risk projects in the areas of strategy, governance and risk management, operating models, security operations helping clients to understand information technology and business risks, make informed and intelligent risk decisions to maximize opportunities, implement controls, and provide ongoing measurement and monitoring of their risk environment.

Christos has managed numerous cyber investigation projects including intrusion detection, security monitoring, evidence collection and analyses aiming to identify the root causes of the incident and to mitigate the risk of future security breaches.