Meet the Person

Katerina Bekyrou

Katerina Bekyrou

During the last years, I believe to have demonstrated a great amount of both personal growth and company achievements. I became partner and creative director at my agency within 2 years from my hire.

Being a Creative Director means you have to always evolve and keep up-to-date, be relevant to your audience and radical in creative thinking. Loyal to the brands you promote and at the same time loyal to your agency and personal beliefs. I have proven to balance all these successfully.

As a manager I am inspiring and passionate, a peacemaker, a team binding force between different teams. My managerial, creative and presentation skills have played an important role to the exceptional growth of my company, leading it to winning more than 25 new leads, Effie and Ermis Awards, becoming Agency of the Year during the pandemic crisis and making the most viral campaign of the past 2 years.

Under my creative lead, we managed to outcome the challenges a small-scale agency has to deal with, show great resilience and shine! I may have won awards and contributed to numerous campaigns promoting brands, but my greatest achievement is that I helped my agency become a love brand itself