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GuruServices.Biz is a brand and business growth powerhouse united in their commitment to providing pioneering, yet practical, applicable and measurable solutions for revenue and profits growth.

The rich international operational experience of the partners guarantees dedicated attention to every detail and personal stake in the outcome of each and every assignment, together with systematic business practices and approaches to ensure highest tangible ‘in team’ and ‘in-market’ results.

The purpose of GuruServices.Biz is to facilitate and enable front line business teams to maximize their potential and deliver best-in-class brand, products, revenue and profits results faster, cost- and resources efficiently combing:
a) ‘top-notch’ tested toolkit, competencies, approach and methodologies nurtured by years’ of ‘on the job’ experience and expertise and
b) customized and ‘hands-on’ approach tailored to your specific needs.

Find out how to put the power of GuruServices.Biz to work for you on your critical brand, business and profits’ growth challenges at: GuruServices.Biz

We are a cutting-edge brain performance Learning & Development (L&D) & Wellness partner, engineering corporate growth on the basis of tailor made neuroscience-based programmes which, we design, develop & deliver for our corporate clients across several industry verticals including Healthcare, Shipping, IT, Energy, etc.

Our key programmes include:

🚩Neuroscience for business: Engineering corporate growth on the basis of neuroscience breakthroughs

🚩Biology of Leadership: Investing in exercising your brain to learn how certain things leaders do, literally affect their own brain chemistry & that of their teams

🚩Flexing your “emotional muscle”: Soft skills  and Empathy in Business and in the Healthcare.  Learning how to activate your empathy & other cognitive skills to become more effective & efficient at work with your team, colleagues, clients and patients.

We are a premier Wellness partner, offering a range of our own unique on-site & web-based solutions, event summits & services, also employing Mindful You!®, Brain Fitness Today®, Stress Profile®, NeuroSelling, Neuroleadership Coaching.

Our L&D Neuroleadership Programmes also offer brain training & practical cognitive enhancement exercises, including focus, performance & productivity, leadership skills, resilience, coping mechanisms for workplace stress, burnout & dysfunctional behavioural patterns as well good presentation skill practices and neuro-marketing and neuro-selling techniques.

Our Neurosciences based L&D solutions have so far included:

📌Classroom modules

📌Digital Learning modules

📌Virtual Reality (VR) modules

📌Infographics modules

Most of our L&D programmes are designed, developed & delivered by licensed Occupational & Neuropsychologists and Health Psychologists.

Our programmes are accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation).

Let’s together design, develop & deliver your tailor made L&D solution, perfectly fit to your organisation & audience needs & growth objectives.

For more information please visit: SelfBalance

Creative – Digital Media Partners

The brains behind your brand

Ιnnovation Group Creative Agency delivers a wide range of complete solutions including Advertising, Digital marketing and Web 3.0 – Metaverse Services. 

We offer B2B Services, Google Ads,  S.E.M., S.E.O., Digital – Social Media Strategy and very extensive monitoring along with a very rigorous and detailed reporting to our customers worldwide, using cutting edge technology tools.

In 2017, we were chosen by Google in order to participate in an accelerator program called Elevator. Elevator was a 6-month-long program of the Google Partners Academy, which was designed to help companies that have the Google Brand Partners to quickly develop their business activities.

After the successful completion of the program we developed a Google Partners Accelerate Program that we offer to other Digital Agencies. As of now we have helped seven agencies to become Google Partners and two of them were promoted to Premier Google Partners.

In 2020, we created the project e-expo, the first 3D platform organizing and supervising online exhibitions, events and conferences. 

The project e-expo has a core of a combination of technological innovations: Augmented & Virtual Reality, Unreal Engine 5, Unity, Oculus oriented design, Virtual Tours Software (photorealistic technology), 360º panoramic photos and videos, Artificial Intelligence for the business networking.

This project is carving the road for the future: Metaverse.

Find More: Innovation GroupProject e-expo

ZOULOVITS – KONTOGERGOU (ZK LAW FIRM) was established in 2018 by Mina ZOULOVITS and Penny KONTOGERGOU and is the reflection of 20 years of very successful individual careers of its Partners in the field of Digital Technologies and E-Commerce.  Today is a pioneer Law Firm and the sole in Greece specializing exclusively in the legal issues of Digital Transformation, E-Commerce and Electronic Communications and, in recent years, in the emerging Industry 4.0 Technologies (AI, IoT, VR, Big Data, Cloud Computing, etc.).

Its clients are Greek and multinational companies from all sectors of commerce and industry, that use digital and emerging technologies, as well as dynamic Startups in the field of FinTech, RegTech, InsurTech, FoodTech, HeathTech, etc. With a team of highly qualified and expertized lawyers, ZK Law provides tailor-made consulting services and strategic legal advice on legal issues to merchants in all legal field pertain to E-Commerce, such as consumer protection, electronic payments, personal data, advertising & digital marketing, competition, intellectual property, liability, corporate transformation, commercial law, financing, etc. ZK Law also supports digital transformation projects and large-scale IT Projects (i.e. SaaS, PaaS, use of infrastructure for data transfer to Cloud Services, use of production automation technologies, data analytics, data governance, data security, e-invoicing, digital signatures, etc.). ZK Law’s contribution to Technology Transfer issues is significant, providing legal support to Universities, Research Centres and businesses in R&Ds Collaborations, while in recent years its involvement has extended to legal support of disruptive companies that make use of technologies, such as Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs, AI, IoT.

This dedication to Technology, has been recognized by distinguished legal experts from the international scene, ranking our firm in 2022, in the international guide for law firms Legal 500 EMEA 2022, with the honorary distinction of being the first law firm in Greece in the category “Firms to Watch“, “diversifying into new practice areas“. For the same reasons, ZK Law also received two more distinctions at the Business Law Awards in 2021, that of “Best Law Firm in Digital Transformation” and “Highly Commended TMT Project“.