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    NOBACCO, the leading Greek e-cigarette company was founded in 2008. One of the most dynamically developing Greek companies, is a leader in the Greek tobacco harm reduction market.

    With a network consisting of 65 Nobacco Shops and more than 320 sales points and outlets throughout the country, our company has managed to play the leading role by offering a wide range of innovative and certified products in order to facilitate the spread of the alternative nicotine delivery systems that gradually gains the trust of thousands of smokers all over the country.


    On July 2016, NOBACCO decided to expand its network by entering the Romanian market, by creating 4 shops at central shopping malls of Bucharest. Since October 2018, we have been re-designing our network in Romania by creating an completed wholesale network.

    NOBACCO’s goal is the continuous development of its network in Greece and in other countries.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to contribute to the decrease of harm caused by traditional smoking and spread the alternative nicotine delivery systems as a responsible and a better way of living for our fellow humans who are facing nicotine dependence. 

    Our mission is… always be close to smokers who are thinking about making a life choice and leaving traditional smoking in the past.

    Our goal is… to offer a unique service experience to our consumers and, together with our products and services, we can significantly improve their lives through an efficient operation model, at all contact points. 

    Our Values


    For tobacco harm reduction products. For our clients. That’s why we place them at the center of our decisions. We monitor, understand and respond to the constantly changing needs of consumers. We build long, constructive relationships with our partners based on mutual trust.


    All of our actions are characterized by our responsibility and high business ethics to maintain the trust of our customers and partners. We believe that the most precious foundation of a business is its reputation, its credibility, its ethics and integrity, and that is why we are implementing our decisions and keeping our commitments.


    We have created a strong team because we have cultivated and constantly strengthen our fellowship, teamwork and friendly atmosphere. We join our forces with common goal the developing of our company. We support each other and ideally combine individual skills which makes all the difference.


    We take advantage of the advances in science and technology by continually developing new, innovative and high quality products.


    The challenges of the times require speed, flexibility and efficiency. We create trends and drive developments. We are always one step ahead. 

    Quality assurance

    NOBACCΟ occupies a leading position in its industry due to the fact that it provides only high quality products to its customers. For NOBACCO, product quality and safety is of paramount importance.

    For this reason, the company is constantly investing in the development of mechanisms that will further guarantee the production and distribution of products that adhere to the strictest of standards. Additionally, a collaborative framework has been set up with multiple research centers both in Greece and abroad, and hence, all of its products are certified and are accompanied by the required documentation that attest to their suitability for human use/consumption.