To be considered for a Manager of the Year award, candidates will be judged against the following criteria: 

  1. Context, Vision and Goal

The nature and significance of the Candidate’s achievements must be specifically described and related to the project/company vision and context and in line with the pursued objectives and goals.

  1. Strategy and Actions 

(Key choices / strategic directions and actions taken) 

What initiatives did you take?

What innovations/achievements did you work on and what did you create/achieve?

Do the actions in relation to the context, vision and goals, verify the excellence of the work done? Has the challenge been answered? 

  1. Measurable Results 

Numerical results and practical achievements, vs. Goals / Targets, vs. pre-period(s), previous years, or other relevant benchmarks.

  1. Key qualities

Which qualities helped you excel in your Endeavor? 

List of qualities to be drawn upon (indicatively):

Agility, resilience, adaptability, openness, effective communication, empathy, trust, trustworthiness, team playing, mentoring, human centrism, innovation, creativity, risk taking, collaboration, vision, out of the box thinking, integration, analysis, synthesis, strategy, motivation, team building, effective listening, focus, engagement, digital savviness, positive thinking, optimism, time Management, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, problem solving, self-awareness, persistence, consistence, transparency, fairness, insistence, reliability, commitment, results orientation, tasks orientation.

  1. Final Impact

The impact of the Candidate’s achievements at every level (company, brand, society, country, etc.) must be specifically described and will play an important role in the evaluation.