Manager of the Year 2022 Award Categories


At a glance

  • The Manager of the Year + 21 Functional Managers’ of the Year Categories of Managerial Excellence
  • Unlimited Entries (applications and/or nominations)
  • Top Qualifying Candidates per Category will be the Category Finalists.

Nominations are open to Managers across Greece. Check the following categories:

The Manager of the Year 2022 Award

The Manager of the Year 2022 Award recognizes and rewards the Manager who has provided exceptional guidance and support to his company throughout the year and has achieved outstanding business results. Τhe Jury’s decision for the ‘Manager of the Year 2022’ will be made from a selection of the very best CEOs, Managing Directors, General Managers of Greek and foreign companies and organizations operating in Greece. The size, industry and sector (public or private) of the company does not matter. However, Candidates are required to be in the same job for at least one year.

The Manager awarded will be the one that has exhibited sturdiness, stamina, sharp strategic thinking, excellent coordination of all relevant key stakeholders, breakthrough innovation, agility and perseverance to achieve outstanding overall business results in the industry and/or sector. In the most demanding circumstances ever!

Art & Creative Manager of the Year 2022

(Art Direction – Graphics – Copywriting – Web design – Design – Advertising)

This Category recognizes Art Direction, innovation and originality, giving the opportunity to the Art & Creative Managers to get awarded for leading their teams to compelling creative campaigns and materials, for the physical, digital and phygital universe.

Commercial Management, New Business Development and Sales Manager of the Year 2022

Commercial Management including New Business Development, Sales and Exports is the life blood of every business. In an omni channel, highly complex and global world, practices in this function have changed radically in recent years. We are looking for the Manager who maximized sales and outperformed company objectives and forecasts, in an ever changing and unpredictable context.

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of the Year 2022

CSR has traditionally been the platform and toolkit for Managers and Companies wishing to improve their Communities, Society, the Environment and the Countries in which they operate. Let’s award the Manager’s most impactful initiatives for Social Progress, Ethics, Sustainability, contribution to Society, Human Rights protection and ‘Green’ initiatives.

Customer Management Manager of the Year 2022

Customer Management has been getting an increasingly challenging discipline, with customers becoming all the more savvy, better informed and demanding. This Category recognizes Managers who have excelled in their Customer Management strategies, innovation and quality, acquisition, retention, up-sell/cross-sell and loyalty programs.

Digital Transformation Manager of the Year 2022

The digital revolution has urged many Greek companies to significantly accelerate the employment of Digital Transformation solutions. The Manager of the Year in this Category is the one who capitalized the most on advanced digital technologies to increase efficiency of existing processes and systems or create new ones from scratch to best meet the needs of the firm and key stakeholders.

ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance Manager of the Year 2022

ESG is not just a trend. It embodies and embraces critical values for the company’s operations and their relationship with Government and key institutional players, Investors and Society. Let’s celebrate the Manager’s most impactful contributions in company & brand equity and reputation building, sustainable investment & funding, ‘green’ practices, as well as overall outstanding stewardship of the ESG principles.

Ethics and Compliance Manager of the Year 2022

The Ethics and Compliance Category aims at recognizing the Manager who excelled in the introduction, adherence and monitoring of robust, innovative and appropriate policies, governance and regulations, preserving and supporting the organizational, business ethics and operational framework.

Finance & Accounting Manager of the Year 2022

The Finance and Accounting Professionals are the heart of every business. Let’s recognize the Finance Managers leading businesses into safe financial havens during this turbulent period through successful and creative strategies, astute planning, agility and relentless monitoring and controlling mechanisms, processes and systems.

Franchise Management Manager of the Year 2022

The Management of Franchise systems represents a constant challenge. This is the Award for the Managers who created and implemented the most successful and innovative concepts for the establishment or expansion and development of Franchise businesses, including strategy and the best use of technology, logistics, training and quality assurance practices, methods and systems.

Health & Safety Manager of the Year 2022

This Category awards the Manager who conceived and implemented the most comprehensive, innovative and ‘fit for purpose’ Health and Safety Program to meet the needs of employees, families and key stakeholders. 

Human Resources Manager of the Year 2022

The importance of HR Management is paramount. This Award celebrates the Manager who created the best practices in people strategy, employee motivation and engagement, performance Management, talent acquisition, training, diversity and inclusion, leading to exceptional employee retention, development and engagement in extremely novel working conditions.

ICT – Information and Communication Technology Manager of the Year 2022

ICT drives organizational effectiveness and efficiency in an environment where digital, AI and Big Data are spearheading business growth. This Award aims at recognizing the ICT Manager’s excellence and outstanding achievements, as well as the innovative approaches that led to the development and/or effective introduction of new technologies to fit employees’, customers’ and companies’ emerging needs in a most fluid and dynamically changing world. 

Legal Manager of the Year 2022

The Legal Category aims at recognizing the Manager who provides strategic, mission-critical legal advice to the Organization and who handles effectively all legal matters.

Manufacturing and Production Manager of the Year 2022

Let’s recognize the Manager who contributed in maximizing the top and bottom lines via adoption of lean manufacturing processes, outstanding innovation and automation initiatives, cost control and cost reduction, as well as significant output volume growth and quality improvements in an increasingly unpredictable world.

Marketing Manager of the Year 2022

Marketing is one of the most valued disciplines as it is typically the one that directly drives brands’ development and business growth in today’s omni channel and very complex world. The Marketing Manager of the Year will be awarded for excellence in strategic thinking, robustness and effectiveness of marketing planning and execution, customer experience enhancement, as well as agility and consumer-relevant innovation.

Operations Manager of the Year 2022

Operations Management is the backbone of any business. In this Category we are looking to award the distinguished Manager who achieved organizational and operations excellence in a most fluid and ever changing and evolving business landscape.

R&D Research and Development Manager of the Year 2022

Developing new products, processes and systems is a lengthy, complex and demanding process, including needs’ analysis, innovation, proof of concept/principle, design, delivery, testing, fine-tuning and launch. This Award is aimed at recognizing the Research & Development Manager of the Year who delivered innovative, outstanding, successful and impactful new projects to meet emerging needs, in a consumer-relevant way, in full and ahead of time or in a ‘just-in-time’ manner.

Security and Cybersecurity Manager of the Year 2022

Security and Cybersecurity are the ways to protect a firm’s assets (human and physical), its data, systems, devices, applications and infrastructure from external threats. In this Category, the Award goes to the Manager who demonstrated high-standard reflexes and managed to create and/or adopt and implement best practices in Information Security Governance and operational excellence in an environment of increasing risk and vulnerability.

Supply Chain & Logistics Manager of the Year 2022

Supply Chain & Logistics Management encompasses multiple activities and processes creating or significantly boosting a Company’s competitive edge. This Category recognizes the Manager who managed to significantly increase competitiveness in Supply Chain and Logistics, while supporting, facilitating, speeding up and reducing cost of the Supply and Logistics Chain End-to-End.

Honorary Distinctions

International Manager of the Year 2022

The International Manager of the Year 2022 honorary distinction will be awarded to a Greek Manager with significant international career and remarkable achievements.

Humanitarian Manager of the Year 2022

The Humanitarian Manager of the Year 2022 honorary distinctions will be awarded to a Greek Manager of a non-profit organization whose work contributes significantly to humanity.