Manager of the Year 2024

Past Winners 2022

The Manager of the Year 2022

Panagiotis Tsinavos

President and Managing Director, Kri Kri SA

The success of Panagiotis Tsinavos and Kri Kri is a clear example of what can be achieved with the right combination of vision, hard work and respect for the environment.

Panagiotis Tsinavos has successfully transformed a small family business in Serres into a modern and rapidly growing dairy industry. Today, Kri Kri’s sales are 50% international, and the company has doubled its turnover and profitability almost every five years.


Art & Creative Manager of the Year 2022

Katerina Bekyrou

Creative Director, Cambo Agency

During the last years, I believe to have demonstrated a great amount of both personal growth and company achievements. I became partner and creative director at my agency within 2 years from my hire.

Commercial Management, New Business Development and Sales Manager of the Year 2022

Konstantinos Vlachos

Commercial Manager, Mapei Hellas A.E.B.E.

Mapei Hellas, a leader in the production and sale of construction materials in the Greek market, has seen significant growth in sales and export activity in recent years, and aims to provide high-quality, economically accessible products that are also environmentally friendly and compliant with regulations.


CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of the Year 2022

Alexia Macheras

It is only by listening to the community in which we live and operate, that one can help give solutions to issues that affect our society and our planet. In the past 16 years, I have given my best to make a difference in people’s lives.


Customer Management Manager of the Year 2022

Tom Stratos

Tom Stratos serves also as Chief Customer Operations Officer OTE Group, as Chairman & CEO of Cosmote e-Value and as Chairman & CEO of Cosmote of Germanos.


Digital Transformation Manager of the Year 2022

Stelios Panaretos

Digital Transformation Manager of the Year 2022

Spyros Karababas


ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance Manager of the Year 2022

Helena Athoussaki

Head of ESG, Sustainability and Climate Change, Motor Oil Group

Helena has been an ESG pioneer and among the first to foresee the importance of the industrial decarbonization. She thrives in challenging environments and can adapt well to change.


Ethics and Compliance Manager of the Year 2022

Aristodimos Dimitriadis

Executive Director Compliance , Risk & Insurance,

OTE Group

Mr Dimitriadis Aris, with his long experience in the field of Compliance, Ethics, Risk Management and with his innovative ideas and practices that have been implemented throughout the years, has delivered exceptional results for the Company overall.

Finance & Accounting Manager of the Year 2022

Nikolaos Serras

President & CEO, Dirfys Water Bottling Company SA

Dirfys Water Bottlink Company SA has made significant progress since Mr Nikolaos Serras acquired 51% of its shares in 2016. The company has successfully reduced its high debt and debt-to-turnover ratio, entered into an agreement with banks to transfer all loan contracts to normal management, and improved all economic indicators.

In 2022, Dirfys is projected to experience a growth of 30%, bringing its total growth since 2016 to over 90%.


Franchise Management Manager of the Year 2022

Achilleas Lazarou

Health & Safety Manager of the Year 2022

Panagiotis Minogiannis

General Manager, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center

Under the leadership of Panagiotis Minogiannis, the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center has worked to financially consolidate the organization and strengthen its strategic planning, including investments in technology, digital transformation, and “precision” medicine. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the center has maintained its turnover, protected the safety of staff and patients, and taken advantage of a donation from the Onassis Foundation to support the development of the National Onassis Transplantation Center, positioning the center for future growth.


Human Resources Manager of the Year 2022

Vassilis Adamidis

Human Resources & Business Services Director

Nestle has been present in Greece for over 120 years. The Workplace of Tomorrow initiative builds on our ambition to create a winning workplace to continue win sustainably in the marketplace.


ICT – Information and Communication Technology Manager of the Year 2022

Alexandros Ziomas

Director, IT&T Business Unit, Athens International Airport

Director, Information Technology & Telecommunications Business Unit Alexandros Ziomas joined the Athens International Airport in April 2016 and now holds the Director position of Information Technology & Telecommunications Business Unit with main objectives:


Legal Manager of the Year 2022

Antigone Papangelopoulou


The first is traditional legal work, such as providing legal advice, managing litigation, and drafting contracts.

The second involves managing resources, technology, and ensuring alignment with the company’s goals – this is what I refer to as legal operations.

The third area is where I believe the role of the lawyer is evolving. It involves acquiring an entrepreneurial spirit, understanding and influencing business strategy, and developing emotional intelligence. This is what I call the “new” lawyer.


Manufacturing and Production Manager of the Year 2022

Dimitra Katsafadou


I am inspired both by the magic of every human being and that of nature. I often act like an artist, that is to say I use something seemingly insignificant as a stimulus in order to create a new product.

Marketing Manager of the Year 2022

Maria Verouchi

Marketing & CX Director, Edenred Greece

With 18 years of solid Marketing, Product & CX experience in multinational companies, actively participating and managing teams and projects from marketing and operations, to HR and finance, I have the honor to lead the Marketing & CX organization at Edenred Greece for the past 7 years.


Operations Manager of the Year 2022

Dimitra Voulgaridou

COO- Chief Operating Officer, BMW Financial Services

Dr Dimitra Voulgaridou is an experienced professional in the financial services operations area and the last years she leads the Operations department of BMW Financial Services. With a clear focus on people, she managed to create a high performing team based on trust, openness and transparency.

R&D – Research and Development Manager of the Year 2022

Aimilios Chalamandaris

Head of Samsung R&D Greece, Samsung Electronics Greece

Aimilios Chalamandaris was a co-founder and CEO of Innoetics, a spin-off company from the ATHINA Research Center. Since 2017 and after innoetics’s acquisition by Samsung Electronics, he is the head of the Greek R&D division for Samsung.


Security and Cybersecurity Manager of the Year 2022

Christos Vidakis

Cyber Risk Leader, Partner Deloitte

Christos is Partner in Deloitte’s Risk Advisory Department in Greece, and he is leading the Cyber Risk Services for Deloitte in Greece.


Supply Chain & Logistics Manager of the Year 2022

Alexios Giannakopoulos

Supply Chain Division Director, DESFA SA

With the increasing importance of computer-based IT & communication technologies, IT tools and communication networks are becoming crucial in supply chain management.


International Manager of the Year 2022

Dr Alex Papalexopoulos

President & CEO ECCO International, Inc.
CEO and Chairman of the Board ZOME Energy Networks, Inc.

Dr Alex Papalexopoulos, a renowned energy expert, is an authority in energy market design and implementation, transmission grid operations and planning.

Humanitarian Manager of the Year 2022

Dr Ing. Konstantinos Karachalios

Managing Director, IEEE Standards Association

I believe that my efforts and achievements in the intersection of geopolitics, techno-science, and philosophical imagination offer practical and relevant responses to the question of the pertinence of the “Greek spirit” in the contemporary world.

As the leader of an organization that impacts the lives and imaginations of almost every person on earth, I am constantly pushing the global techno-scientific community to accept their share of responsibility for the outcomes of the socio-technical systems we create. This involves challenging and reframing the commonly-held belief that science and technology are neutral, and instead adopting a paradigm of enhanced awareness and holistic responsibility.